Upfest at Bristol VW Fest 2014

The 6th- 8th June 2014 saw Upfest take place.

Unlike other years though, this year they took a year off running a massive event with hundreds of artists running around Bedminster and Southville.

Instead they were invited to host a smaller Upfest at the Bristol Volksfest in Easter Compton, with a small selection of artists that Upfest invited.

“There will be 40 artists rather than 300, but we’ve picked some of the best. And there will be various things being painted to make the space feel 3-D – cars and the subway train, and other things that we’ll announce in the lead up to it.”

Old classic VW beetles and camper vans are the main attraction but it was a great outlet to have a smaller version of Upfest.

I was lucky enough to be invited alongside loads of awesome artists including Snub23, Philth, N4T4, Jody, Zase, MyDog Sighs, Dale Grimshaw, Cheo, Lokey, Silent Hobo, Airborne Mark, Whoam Irony, Nol, Shade1, Ryder, Loch Ness and Paul Monsters, 3rd Eye, Din Din, Rob Wass and more…..

The best photos in this blog were taken by Brian MacElvaine.




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