The Real Dill x Lost Souls at the XC Skate Park. Part 2

…..Straight after our paint and beer filled afternoon with Roes and Smoky at Stockwell, and a big dinner in Brixton, the Lost Souls jumped on a train to Hemel Hempstead to the XC skate park to meet The Real Dill and finish the wall we started earlier in the year.

This part of the wall was much bigger than the last wall yet we had the same amount of time to finish the work, luckily though Dill had arranged it so we only needed to use black, white and blue. This made things a lot quicker.

Its always great to paint with The Real Dill. I’m a big fan of his art and he’s such a nice guy and although we had painted at the same venues several times, we had never painted anything together, until this night.

Check out his web site here

All the guys worked fast and as usual created some amazing pieces that worked so well together and were loosely based around Jim Phillips art.

I couldn’t resist getting at least one eye ball character. Ha! Its a fun brief as we got to use loads of tongues, eye balls, melty drips, skulls, bikes, skateboards and smoke.

Check out the XC at




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