January 2016

The New Year started well. I was straight back to work with lots of walls to paint in January. My first wall was painted in Gloucester, alongside ‘Hype Street Art’ for ‘Merbro’ Welding on the 5th and 6th.   It was a fun wall to do, as the only input they gave me was they wanted a woman on…

SPZero76 x SledOne

SPZero76 x SledOne at Dean Lane.

On September 24th SledOne and I hit Dean Lane for our first proper paint. I was down at Dean Lane a little early and decided to do a quick throw up before Tom arrived.   I had already designed a random gumball machine character (titled Gumball Headache) which I wanted to paint. Tom (SledOne) liked…

The Full Wall

Dean Lane x Si Mitchell x SPZero76

After the Gloucester Paint Jam Si Mitchell needed to come back to mine to crash, and his train wasn’t until later in the day on the Monday so we figured Monday morning was the perfect time for Si to paint Bristol for the first time. And where in Bristol should he paint? The Infamous Dean Lane of…

Dean Lane

Dean Lane with a German Film Crew

Upfest were approached by a German film crew, who were doing a youth based TV show about Bristol and how cool the city is. They spoke to Steve from Upfest, the Mayor and took in some of the best sights the city has to offer, including the docks, the Museum and Banksys, Park Street and of…

Chasin Him Back To Nolland

Dean Lane with Nol

Nol was in town for Upfest as he is every year. He wasn’t heading for his flight back to Nolland until later in the afternoon on Monday 9th June, so we grabbed a chance to have a paint together down at Dean Lane skate park. Good fun but just a quickie!!!