Finished Wall

Private Cellar Commission

I was hired to paint a wall in the cellar of a private client. The client was a DJ who had his own studio in his basement. Very cool house. My brief featured a few of his favourite things including the family cat, snowboarding and DJing. Ha! It was fun to combine them all and manage to…

Roadkill The Wolverine print small

New SPZero76 Print!

Mid October saw the release of a brand new signed and numbered SPZero76 A3 giclee print. Road Kill: Wolverine has a limited run of 10 prints and fits nicely with the two Road Kill prints previously released. Still a few of each print left! Buy them from my web site store NOW!!!!!

SPZero76 x Banksy copy

SPZero76 x Banksy

Ok! I had to do a blog post for this one as I feel slightly guilty! I was in London painting a wall for Sensepost and Secure Data. I had to stay overnight so I was in my dodgy hotel, flicking through Facebook while drinking rose wine from the bottle and eating hot kebab from a plastic bag in my…

SPZero76 x SledOne

SPZero76 x SledOne at Dean Lane.

On September 24th SledOne and I hit Dean Lane for our first proper paint. I was down at Dean Lane a little early and decided to do a quick throw up before Tom arrived.   I had already designed a random gumball machine character (titled Gumball Headache) which I wanted to paint. Tom (SledOne) liked…

Finished  Wall

Stokes Croft Arts Fest

As anyone knows who lives in Bristol, Stokes Croft has been a big part of the Bristol Street Art scene for years. I’ve been living in Bristol now since 1996 and as far back as I can remember, Stokes Croft has been notorious. One of the first pieces I remember down there was the Banksy Mild…