Super Crew Paint Jam at Hamswell Festival

Seeds invited a bunch of us artists to join him at Hamswell Festival, near Bath.

So along for the paint session were Seeds, Captain Kris, Amara, Flesh031, Himbad, TonyBoy, Saki&Bitches, Fanakapan and me.

Seeds organised a bus for all the London artists who camped but I decided to only drop in on the Saturday daytime for a paint but dodge the messy evenings and tent sleeping by heading home to my bed. Ha!

The idea of heading back to a bed each evening was shared by Nelly (Monoprixx) and Bablu, who escaped Zone 1 to photograph the paint session, but stayed at the top of the ‘very steep’ hill in a B&B each night. Smart!!

When I arrived on Saturday morning their were a few hangovers and most of the gang had headed off site for breakfast, so Fanakapan and I got cracking ahead of everyone else.

After I had left on Saturday evening there was a paint battle between Captain Kris, Amara and Tony Boy Vs Saki&Bitches, Himbad and Fanakapan. I think? Ha!

And Amara and Flesh 031 got to paint a hut together on Sunday morning.

Its always loads of fun to spend time and have a paint with these guys and gals. Love it.

Great day and the Festival is one to check out for everyone who loves a smaller Festival with loads of room and no crowds.

There were some awesome acts on stage at Hamswells 10 Year Festival and had one of my favourites, DJ Yoda as the headliner.

I unfortunately missed him at Hamswell (but I did catch him in Melbourne in 2007.)

All the best photos in this blog are by Monoprixx.



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