Supa Crew Paint Session Part 2

The morning after the night before with Cubanisto at the House of Mask where we managed to drink until 5 am with Killa Kela and Ami Carmine, we were invited to paint with the Supa Crew! Yay!

The Supa Crew Paint Session 2 was organised by Himbad, at hidden location in Seven Sisters, and included Saki&Bitches, Amara, The Real Dill, Blair Zaye, Pang, Pins, Tony Boy, Pixie, Seeds, Float and more…. although I was only there briefly and very hung over so its all a bit vague.

I only had a couple of hours before having to head back to Bristol and Squirl was the same with heading home to Canterbury. Si had already left us the night/morning before to get back to Cambridge. So myself and Squirl dropped in small characters and left Captain Kris to represent for Lost Souls.


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