Stokes Croft Arts Fest

As anyone knows who lives in Bristol, Stokes Croft has been a big part of the Bristol Street Art scene for years.

I’ve been living in Bristol now since 1996 and as far back as I can remember, Stokes Croft has been notorious.

One of the first pieces I remember down there was the Banksy Mild Mild West piece, which is still there today.

Although things haven’t been great recently and all the amazing work created that has showcased Bristol’s awesome talent over the last year, has been constantly scrawled on with ‘tags’.

Every time a new piece went up so did the tags not long after.

The place was looking a mess and to be honest it was a little bit embarrassing that our amazing city, who’s street art/ graffiti scene is held in such great regard all over the world, was being ruined for no reason I can see.

It is sad that these people don’t support and get involved in all the great work that goes on around them and instead chose to ruin the art for other people.

I mean, I have no idea who tagged the pieces. It could have just been kids let loose with a can but either way it spoils things for everyone else.

Either way Stokes Croft was in need of help!

The Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft, who have stood by the area for years, and vow to provide benefit to The Community by promoting the interests of the area decided to organise the 1st Stokes Croft Arts Fest.

Stokes Croft Arts Fest Poster 1

I was invited to get involved by Deams, although there were several shout outs on social media to get artists involved.

We were initially hoping to get the full Lost Souls crew to Bristol to paint the wall by the Full Moon pub, next to the iconic SPQR consumerist spaceman stencil, but everyone was busy except for me.

Luckily for me ‘Unwelcome Relatives’ Shab and Sez took a section of the wall to create some of their own brand of awesomeness.

I decided to keep the intergalactic theme created on the wall by SPQR’s Spaceman and designed some Outlaw Hot Rod Aliens which fitted the space really well. I was pretty happy with the piece, which I had to go back and finish on the Saturday for a few hours.

There were a lot of nice pieces created, although I didn’t manage to get photos, and I hope they manage to stay up for a while only to be covered by other awesome pieces of art, although I wont hold my breath.

Photo of the crowd and me working by Shaun Brittain.

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