St Werburgh’s Tunnel with Sled One and Paul Monsters

It now felt like ages since I had painted Bristol, so alongside Sled One and Paul Monsters we decided to head down to Dean Lane skate park to paint a wall. I was the first there and managed to get quite far with painting my character before the rain appeared. Heavy rain. Balls.

I generally try to never leave a wall unfinished but I had no choice. Just as the rain started, Sled and Paul arrived. We almost gave up and  cancelled but fortune favours the brave as Dave th Agent and Angus Art were both in Dean Lane too and insisted on driving us all over to St Werburgh’s tunnel which is great shelter for the shitty weather. Stars. I had only painted down there once before this, but we got such a great response from the locals, that it was nice to get down there again. We had a loose theme of kids games. Sled chose whack a mole who was fighting with my character  (based on the old boxing robots game) while Pauls character was splitting up the fight.

I think the finished piece looked awesome and it was great to work with both Paul and Sled again.

I haven’t worked with Paul for ages since the Cretin Collective separated and went its own way. The next day I saw photos of the piece and due to the emulsion background and wet night, water had soaked through the tunnel and caused the background paint to run. It was unbelievable because the positioning of the drips was perfect and I couldn’t have placed the there myself any better. Nature had come to our aid and improved the image.

Great Result.

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