St Werburghs Tunnel with Mr Wigz and SledOne

Finished wall

Believe it or not, I had never painted the St Werburghs tunnel until this day in mid October.

We managed to get Mr Wigz to take a day off from his 9-5 day job and come for a paint with me and Tom.

Joe (Mr W) suggested a swamp theme and the three of us worked on sketches that fit the theme ahead of the paint day.

Swamp Life small

Joe painted his name Wigz in the form of a pink swamp monster rising from the brown sludge with an eye for the ‘I’ and a vicious mouth for the ‘G’, Tom went for a Cyclops character who had been swimming in the mud before being hit by a passing submarines propeller and I went for a Gentle Ben type of theme with a Hick SP Skull character dressed in an alligator driving a swamp airboat with a bear sat on the back.

The full piece was pretty big and looked awesome. It fit together really well. If we had a few more hours we were going to add more background and tie the characters together more, but I think it works really well as it is.

I had a light on the front of the Airboat which Joe used in his characters, reflecting the yellow beam across them which looked really effective.


We just managed to finish it just before it got dark. These earlier dark evenings are throwing me off! In the summer we could paint until 9pm. Now you are looking at 5.30.

Down in the tunnel it was cold and windy but had an awesome atmosphere. We had loads of people passing and commenting on the piece, including one guy who collected his kids from his house along with a couple of chairs to watch us. He even offered us a cuppa and a slice of cake! Now that my kind of paint day. Ha.

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