SPZero76 x SledOne at Dean Lane.

On September 24th SledOne and I hit Dean Lane for our first proper paint.

I was down at Dean Lane a little early and decided to do a quick throw up before Tom arrived.


I had already designed a random gumball machine character (titled Gumball Headache) which I wanted to paint.

Bubble Gum Head Ache small

Tom (SledOne) liked the sketch I did and designed a character to work alongside him.

In his eyes the Gumball Character was very American and so he designed a Hot Dog character with a baseball head that fit perfect.

Naturally I loved it, as I’m sold on anything to do with Fast Food in art. (I’m not sure where I get this weird obsession from).


For the main event we decided to go pretty big which took most of the day to do, but the results were well worth it.

Like I said, we were both up and down those ladders all day to make the piece look as awesome as we could and there was very little time to chill and drink beer.

And we were very well looked after by Sara from Hennessey’s. The best coffees and sandwiches in town!!


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