SPZero76 Sick Bag Competition.

During my flights to Helsinki and back, with Posca, I passed the time by sketching on a couple of Sick bags. The idea came from Captain Kris and his return journey from NZ. You may ask who would want a sick bag. Well I did/do! I still want Captain Kris’ bag (and it has been promised to me.) So I figured “Its still original art, no matter what it has been created on and someone else might want mine as much as I wanted Kris'”.
Anyway! As I had borrowed the idea from Kris I decided to draw his Cap in my style (like our Leake Street paint, a few weeks before) on the first bag which gave me the idea to get people to do their own versions of my characters/ illustrations but in their own style. I initially thought I would be lucky if I got two entries to give the bags away to but the response was amazing with some awesome entries!
I wanted people to be as creative as they wanted and their piece could be a drawing, a sculpture, a photo or even stick men! Anything goes! My favourite got first choice of the sketches plus a tee and some stickers and second best got the other sketch and some stickers. You didn’t have to be arty to win, I just wanted people to be creative, funny and clever and just have fun really! The deadline was the next Sunday! (Sunday 23rd at 4pm GMT! One week on.)
So many people actually made the effort and everyone did something amazing! It was interesting to see the different pieces people chose to replicate and I love the different ways each person put their own spin on them too! I love every one of them!
There had to be a winner though and first place had to go to Brian MacElvaine’s amazing rocket shark with second place going to the awesome painting by Alex Willmott.
Fun times!
I’m heading to Norway and Cuba soon so more Sickbag fun could be had in the future! Yay!


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