SPZero76 paints Tobacco Factory car park

On Thursday 6th and Friday 7th March 2014 I painted in the Tobacco Factory car park, Bristol.

It felt like ages since I painted in Bristol (the last time was late Nov- early Dec) so I really wanted to do something, although the constant rain wasn’t making it easy. I hadn’t painted a solo wall since my last paint in Bristol either and this was something I was keen to try out again.

I really wanted to paint something detailed and spend some time on it, so I needed to paint it over 2 days. The usual legal spots get tagged in minutes so completing this piece over two days in one of those wouldn’t be possible.

I was lucky enough to be sourced a wall in the Tobacco Factory car park, by Upfest, and even luckier that it was under cover as it rained constantly on the Thursday, even though all three of my weather apps on my phone said no rain! Hmm!

There are so many pieces I want to paint on walls and usually when I’m painting with the Lost Souls or any other artists we create a piece that works well ‘together’. So choosing something for this wall was hard.

I ended up painting the Big Bad Wolf as I have recently been drawing my character ‘Rich B£$tard’ and his exploits.

The character Rich B£$tard was designed to embody all the Bankers, Greedy Corporate Companies and Robbing Politicians all in one. He has no other focus than collecting money and doesn’t care or even notice when he f*cks with other people to get it. Sound familiar??

In one sketch titled ‘Piggin Fast’, Rich was riding a pig dressed in a Police outfit while dangling a doughnut in front of him. The idea behind this came after I accidently sat in the hall way (where the doors are) of a train to London. Luckily I realised in time, and the ticket inspector insisted I was lucky I moved as he would have made me pay for a First Class ticket. (Even when sitting on my own paint box in the hall.)

Then on my return journey everyone in the Coach carriages were literally crammed onto the train while the two carriages of First Class seats sat empty. Every one of us on that train had paid for a seat, yet the train company had let us down with insufficient seats for the amount of tickets they had sold. We would not be allowed to sit in the empty First Class area and were made to stand, crammed in like sheep. The law would be on the side of the money grabbing train company and not us in Coach, even though we were sold a lie. Anyway, rant over!!! But that’s where the idea came from! The Police Pig represented the Law and Rich was the greedy train company!

The Big Bad Wolf was just an extension of this idea with the 3 Little Pigs and Rich as the Big Bad Wolf.


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