Sin Cards Series 1. Sex Sells.

When Caz and I were on Honeymoon back in 2012, we popped into Las Vegas on the way to Hawaii, then San Francisco.

I didn’t think I would be a big fan of Vegas but figured its somewhere you have to visit at least once in your life, but we both fell in love. Its so much fun. Cant wait to go back.

As you walk down The Strip in Vegas there are guys handing out sex cards with (supposed) hookers on. All of the girls in the image are very scantily clad with their bits being covered by small stars that don’t actually fully cover their unmentionables. We protested at getting given them. Caz said

“Its our Honeymoon.” and one guys simply said

“You might need it when she’s (Caz) asleep.” Do I look like a sex pervert? Ha!


As soon as were given them I had an idea to cover the cards with fun SPZero76 symbols and characters.

I didn’t really think they would take off but as soon as I released the first 4 (Set 1) people went crazy for them.

Batch 1 were the Vegas cards and I have already started Batch 2. The London Phone Box Cards.

There are still talks for phone covers, tees and a possible print.

Also, though, The Real Dill has done something similar and suggested we start to put together a Zine, which we are going to call ‘Sex Sells’. The zine will feature pimped cards from loads of different artists. We have already got 616, Himbad, Saki&Bitches, and the rest of the Lost Souls on board. Keep your eyes peeled as Im sure we get a lot more artists too. I cant wait to see it.

Batch 1 Las Vegas small

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