Saki&Bitches and SPZero76 take on Camden with The Real Art of Street Art

The Real Art of Street Art are currently in the middle of a massive project to revitalise Camden and the aging Camden market.

The man behind The Real Art of Street Art is a big fan of the whole Street Art movement and put his passion of the art form and his love of Camden together, with the permission of the Council to create a brand new giant series of canvases.

On the hit list are many of Camden’s walls and railway arches, iconic areas in the Infamous Market as well as the Market Huts themselves.

Captain Kris joined The Real Dill to paint a massive railway arch, which inspired me to get in touch.

I originally headed to Camden to paint a hut in April, followed by a paint session with Saki&Bitches either at Leake Street or in Shoreditch, but both Saki and I were invited by The Real Art of Street Art to paint a wall together.

How could we say No, especially as we were in such good company next to Vanessa Longchamp, Artista, Seeds, Captain Kris and The Real Dill.

I am looking forward to heading back and painting my hut soon though.

The best photos are obviously by Monoprixx and the others are mine. Ha

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