Pumpkin Carving in Camden Market.

30th October 2014 saw me head back to London, to Camden and straight into a crazy Pumpkin massacre alongside Lilly Lou, Seeds, Tommy Fiendish, Mr Shiz and Sclater Street Stalls.

Sara at Sclater Street Stalls had been invited by Camden Stables Market to organise a team of artists to carve and paint 200 pumpkins for their House of the Halloween which was to take place on Friday 31st.

We cut and carved, painted and patterned hundreds of pumpkins to create the focal point around an amazingly scary sculptured giant spider for the House of Halloween in Stables Market and if I’m honest, I never want to see a pumpkin again. Ha.

The terrible thing is that I never found out the name of the artist behind the Spider creation.

No! Really it was great fun and awesome to spend time with Sara, Bablu and all the artists. This scene really has loads of lovely people involved.


On Friday 31st there were to be talented makeup artists from Face Addict Hair Junkie to do face painting and gruesome skin alterations for kids and adults alike.

Whilst all of this went there were to be interactive members of the living dead wandering the market.

The House of the Halloween was open to all those who dared to enter!

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