Phing Thing Silent Auction at Ben Oakley Gallery

The Lost Souls first met Ben Oakley on a train from Beckenham into Central London. It was actually Squirl and I stood on the platform, after spending the night at my Sister In Law and Christian’s place. Ben approached us as he very quickly realised we were spray paint artists when he recognised our shitty paint covered clothes and the fact we were pulling behind us tool boxes covered in and filled with paint. It was around the time he was curating the art for the Far Rockaway bar in Shoreditch, where he signed us up to paint walls and doors.

Anyway, Ben has always been good to the Lost Souls so when he let us know he was putting on a charity event at his gallery, The Ben Oakley Gallery located in Greenwich, where artists painted Penguin looking ‘Phing Thing’s’ to sell in a silent auction, we jumped at the chance to get involved.

Ben Oakley Gallery

As well as being an artist himself, Ben has obviously worked with artists for many years and is aware of the old saying that ‘Trying to organise artists is like trying to herd cats.’ With that in mind he handed us the Phing Thing’s well in advance. Months!

Phing Things

Phing Things are made of plaster and were created in a sheltered workshop in Holland and the cast was designed by Boywonder, a Dutch artist. They were then given to artists to create a design on top of them.

Artists included Artists include BoyWonder, Yvonne Wayling, AsboLuv, Rowan Newton, David Bray, Ray Richardson, Benjamin Murphy, Tony Lee, 616, Ben Oakley,  Pure Evil, Claire Swindale, Fret, Manny, British boxer and 3 times World Champion DUKE McKENZIE, Lost Souls inc. Captain Kris, SiMitchell, SPzero76, Squirl, Sara Monkey, Aiste G, Blair Zaye, Shirley Fallconi, Stuart Fortune, Lewis Bannister, Nikki Hill Smith, Tommy Fiendish, Rugman, John McCarthy, Soft Wax, Natcho, ATM, Yasmin Castro, Everett Jaime ++.

Painted Phing Things

You can still view them all here.


On the 14th December the Silent Auction happened.

After receiving a glass of mulled wine and filled Yorkshire pudding on entry, members of the public got the opportunity to place a silent bid on the pieces they wanted, with all of the proceeds going to the St.Christopher’s Hospice.

The auction was a massive success with the Ben Oakley Gallery managing to raise nearly £3000.

My Phing Thing was painted using a mixture of spray paint, Posca Pens, emulsion and acrylic paint.

The Ben Oakley Gallery always has new exhibitions/events going on and you can subscribe to them on their website to keep yourself informed.

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