Paper Mache SP Skulls with Caz

Over an extremely busy November my Wife, Caz, and I snatched a bit of time to ourselves and decided to do something fun. (I’m not sure it was much fun for Caz after a few hours).

A good friend of mine, Mr Wigz, had recently built himself a folded cardboard skull, after buying the template online, which he could wear for a night out.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to make one, but I also knew I could improve on it with some paper mache and a paint job.

One Saturday while drinking margaritas, Wifey and I sat down and started to cut and paste our new skull masks……

and after two hours of building them, we started to paper mache them.

Starting to paper mache the skulls

I realised that the wet paper mache was getting too heavy for my cardboard frame so I chose to stop and wait for it to dry, whereas Caz, who was clearly getting bored with the process decided to continue and get it done in one. To help the masks keep their shape we chose to sit them on empty bottles of rum, although it didn’t take long before the rum bottle went through the top of Caz’s soaking mask. Oh dear.

At this point we (or should I say I) decided to concentrate on one mask and after several days of re applying paper mache and several more days building a cap and paper mache-ing that on top of the skull, then a few days painting the mask it was finally built and ready to wear.


I flounced around the house wearing it getting photos for about 5 minutes and uploading them to social media until the novelty had worn off….     (although I have talked family and friends into trying it on for photos.)

and since then it has sat on an empty bottle in our kitchen. Ha!

Sat in the Kitchen

Originally the idea was to wear the mask out at events and exhibition openings but I soon realised I would look like a right dick wearing it out. Ha! Ha!

Especially as my big grey beard is right where the mouth is, and it looks like Skully has eaten a badgers arse. Boo!

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