Painting up Leake Street with Lost Souls, Saki&Bitches and Dep (ALSO) February 2014

Despite being a man down (Captain Kris was in New Zealand) and the depressing constant rain and terrible weather, the Lost Souls needed to meet up and paint so on Thursday the 6th February we met down Leake Street tunnel, with Saki&Bitches and Dep aka ALSO, to create some awesome and fun art.

As Kris is away we thought it might be fun to create a piece where each of the Lost Souls painted their version of the ‘superhero Cap’ that Kris is known for. As Kris is the only single Soul we thought it might be funny to surround these Caps with a harem of ladies. Although after chatting through ideas with Ricky it turned out he was planning painting his blow up doll image on a wall soon anyway, so we took it a step further and made Cap a ‘Plastic LL (Ladies Lover) Kool Kris’. We knew Saki’s female character’s would fit perfect with this idea and the whole piece jelled together well. As I write this Captain Kris is still in NZ so hopefully he wont kill us on his return.

We chose Leake Street for no other reason but the rain. In hind sight that may have not been our best decision as this piece got painted over only hours later. We didn’t expect much better down Leake Street, although a few days would have been better than hours! Ha! Although thinking about it, I’m not sure the subject matter of this piece would be appreciated on an open city wall so maybe it dwelled where it belonged.

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