Old Market Quarter Subway Gallery

I was really pleased to be invited by the awesome Bristol based artist Deams to paint down the Old Market roundabout underpasses alongside an amazing selection of Bristol artists  in May 2014.

I had to do the wall in over three days during a busy work period, and due to rain which is why I started it in mid May and finally finished it early June, but I’m very pleased with the final outcome.

It was a great opportunity to showcase my work in Bristol at the Old Market Quarter Subway Gallery, so I decided to do something detailed and big.

All the work there looks amazing and its an honour to have work up with such great artists including Deams, Cheba, Lokey, Boswell, Minto, Epok, Loch Ness and Paul Monsters, Silent Hobo, 45RPM, Shab, Ryder, Andy Council, Haka, and 3rd Eye to name a few (there are many more).

Such a good job by Deams and such I high standard of work from all the artists.

Check it out here!!


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