Office Painting for Sensepost and Secure Data in Shoreditch

I was approached by Upfest about a company in Shoreditch that were looking to get a wall in their new office painted.

Once I got in touch and found more details out about the project, I discovered that two companies had taken on new offices together in Shoreditch, only separated by a stair well.

This stairwell was in need of a piece of art.

The guys at Sensepost have offices in South Africa too and have a piece of Street Art on the wall there so decided they wanted something fun in the new office. Daniel had seen my art before and contacted Upfest to organise the job.

The wall wasn’t very wide but was high so the image had to fit the space.

As both companies are computer based (Sensepost test new products and find there flaws, while Secure Data offer software security) I went with a theme of a computer being attacked by Viruses while security guards try and stop them.

Computer Viruses small

I have gone with a similar theme on the Lost Souls Meeting of Styles wall and the offices at True Clarity but each one is very different.

The wall took two days and as I was painting late on one day and early the next day I decided not to bother any Family and Friends in the Big Smoke and just get myself a cheap hotel. What a shit hole in deepest darkest Bethnal Green. Ha! I thought I was gonna end up on a kebab skewer. Think I may have to get Caz to monitor my future hotels as this one sucked and so did the one I booked the Lost Souls into in Birmingham. Oops.

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