March 2016

March swung around pretty quick and there were many highlights.

I managed to sneak off to deepest darkest Wales for a few days with my Wife and Good Friends and pop into Puzzle Wood, in Gloucester for a Lightsaber battle, where they filmed part of the new Star Wars movie……

But on an artistic level, which is why you are reading this (I guess)…..

I got to paint two more Vape shops, paint a Marriage Proposal, the Lost Souls headed to Margate to paint, I started working on two big projects for Posca/ Mitsubishi Pencil Co and BP, designed the Hype Street Art upcoming tee design and finished off a bunch of canvases for the Borders: Imaginary Lines exhibition in New York… and I even had time to create some more illustrations just for fun!


Ok, lets go back to the start.


First I painted ‘Low Emissions’ Vape Shop in Cirencester.

I had full free reign to do what ever I wanted, and who doesn’t want to paint a four armed guy, wearing a cap and vaping alongside his dog. Ha!


On the 12th March I painted a Marriage Proposal for Jago James, who wanted to propose to his Girlfriend Anna.

The proposal made it to several newspapers and Jago and Anna even did a few radio interviews.

The wall was sourced by Upfest.


I had to add that to the bottom of the wall, so that the general public knew the full story.


Next I painted the Turtle Vapes shop in Gloucester, alongside Hype Street Art.

It wasn’t the biggest wall but my only brief was to paint a turtle vaping!

At first I tried to go down the TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) route but I wasn’t keen on my initial concept sketches.

The laid back Turtle was much better.


My new project for Mitsubishi Pencil Co (aka Posca) was to create some cool graphics for their new Posca van that will tour the UK and visit festivals.

Posca have always been very cool with me and let me run loose with designs. Almost anything goes. I created a few concept sketches before I was happy with the final design though.

As the art for the van was going to be blown up on vinyl for the sides of the van I had to recreate the concept sketch on Illustrator…. but the finished article wont be revealed until next months Blog.

The same with the BP project, which was organised by Upfest and Innovision.

Im not going to reveal anything from that until next months blog.

All you need to know now was it kept me extremely busy and involved painting canvases with spray paint, poscas, and UV paint.

The Hype Street Art tee design, was an easy concept to get down. I decided to base it on Nami (Stu) who runs HSA. He had recently told me a story of a Macaw that followed him around, years before, so I really wanted to include the bird along with some stylized Graffiti inspired Writing for the name.

Onto Margate with my fellow Lost Souls.

We were invited to paint the seaside town by Street Art Margate.

Its always nice to paint somewhere different and it was great to spend some time over at Squirl’s house with his lovely family.

Apparently one local writer decided to tag our piece overnight, at the end of day one… but it was nothing we couldn’t easily sort out in the morning.

We decided to go with a Samurai influenced wall and a specific colour palette (except Si, who went different on both! Ha!)

Borders: Imaginary Lines exhibition in New York, was organised by Galerie Protege and Pepper Spray Press and featured a bunch of amazing artists including Dale Grimshaw, My Dog Sighs, Nick Flatt, Olivier (Mr Shiz) Roubieu, and Vlong.

The exhibition opened on March 31st for a month.

And finally!

Here are a couple of random illustrations including one based on the TV programme ‘Scream Queens’, which I should have hated but became my Guilty Pleasure…. as its very funny and rocks!!!




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