Lost Souls Shoreditch Paint with Sepr and Neil Ennui

On Thursday 4th September the Lost Souls were back in old London town to paint on the roof of Rockwell House for the ‘Give Crohns A Slap From Me’ Crohns awareness night.

I figured as we were in town for an evening paint, we may as well make the most out of our short time in London and paint a big wall.

Lee at Global Street Art hooked us up with the same wall we painted for Meeting of Styles 5 weeks previously and I chased up Sepr and Neil Ennui (who were also painting for the GCASFM night) to see if they wanted to join us.

I’ve always wanted to paint with both artists but we have never managed to fit it in until now.

Ricky Dep was going to join us, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it at the last minute.


We decided on a theme in advance. A kind of Dungeons and Dragons meets Game of Thrones Medieval theme but Greg (Squirl) decided his character was going to be a child on a mock horse with a wooden sword which gave the image another dimension and gave us more freedom. Now the characters were a figment of Squirl’s child characters imagination!

Ha! Does that make sense!

Kind of ‘Calvin and Hobbs’.

The child imagines it, so it is there.


We were later joined by Dirty30 and Zomb who painted pieces just down from us. I want to paint with both these guys too soon and I will make it happen.

After the usual 30 minute photo session as everyone made sure they got the photos they wanted we headed to Rockwell House for our second paint of the day……..

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