Lost Souls Reunited on Ravey Street

The Lost Souls were reunited for our third paint on Ravey Street on 27th February 2014, thanks to Global Street Arts #Walls Project.

As this was the first full Lost Souls crew paint session since Kris’ trip to New Zealand and my adventure in Finland we decided it should just feature the 4 Lost Souls. We love working with all the amazing artists we have been lucky enough to join us over our paint sessions, but every once in a while we have to make it a solo┬áLS wall. Do not fear though as we have many new collaborations in the pipeline.

Kris had a major craving to paint Samurais and organised two Samurai paint sessions. The first was with InkFetish down Brick Lane a few days before and this was the second.

Si had to spend a chunk of the day in the Chinese embassy getting his Visa for his upcoming trip so he opted to do a severed head.

Maybe the biggest error of the day was how early we had our first pint from the Griffin which apparently had Pete Doherty in through the afternoon (although I didn’t notice him!).

A fun day led on to a crazy evening which included 5 storey projected balls amongst much more mischief.


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