Lost Souls New Years Diet piece with Saki&Bitches. January 2014.

The Pursuit of Inner Pies.

On January 16th, well after the Festive spirit had ended, the Lost Souls organised with Global Street Art to cover our Christmas flavoured wall on Ravey Street.

We decided that as it was the New Year and everyone had eaten too much over Xmas we would make this wall about the annual January diet.

I chose to go with an obese Gummy Bear throwing away his carrot and reaching for something less healthy.

He was a fun character as I got to create two characters in one. One was a cute fat bear and the other his tiny skeleton frame within.

Squirl went with the fat mash potato man with a stinky bum, Captain Kris chose to paint an overweight Punisher complete with pump action Hot Dog! Yum. And Mr Si Mitchell chose to create a hungry man with a chicken leg dinner.

We were honoured to have the awesome Saki&Bitches join us on her first ever freehand spray paint session and the results were amazing. She decided to paint a Saki style zombie girl which fit perfect, as zombies focus solely on eating. The position her character was sat in made her look like the lady friend of Squirl’s character, cuddling up to his mash monster.

Photos by Monoprixx.

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