Lost Souls in LDN Graffiti and Street Art Book


Lost Souls were lucky enough to be featured in an awesome new book called ‘London Graffiti and Street Art: Unique artwork from London’s streets’ written by LDN Street Art snapper Joe Epstein.

We managed to get a double page spread featuring one of our walls we painted on November 15th 2013 on Grimsby Street, just off Brick Lane, which was organised by Global Street Art. I got all the guys to sign mine. Now I just need Joe to sign it.

From left Squirl SPZero76 and The Real Dill

“Over the decades, London has become a diverse landscape for all forms of graffiti and street art. From the better-known artists, down to the constant stream of fresh new talent attracted to the streets, London is a graffiti artist’s paradise and the images represent a London simmering with artistic flair.

Featuring glossy photos of ground-breaking graffiti, London Graffiti and Street Art is the perfect companion for anyone excited by this most vibrant and changing of art form, and aims to give an insight into the creative output lost and found in and around the capital.”

Pick up a copy on Amazon, here.


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