Lost Souls and Neil Ennui in Camden

While I was jet setting and enjoying an awesome Holiday in Cuba the rest of the lost Souls joined forces with the amazing Leeds based Neil Ennui to paint a wall down Camden, alongside The Real Art of Street Art.

Apparently on day one of the paint though, the need for beer and a very bad wet wall (on the right) caused the paint session to be put on hold until my return.

As you can see by some of the photos, there was plenty of room for me to add characters. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough room for me to fit my whole sketched up character, but I was able to break him up into sections to fit the image.

Maybe one day I will revisit this guy and paint him whole, but for now we were all really happy that we had managed to paint a wall which was hard to tell where one artists work began and ended. A total mix of styles.

Anyway, the full wall was completed on day 2 by the full Lost Souls crew but unfortunately no Neil Ennui.

It was also the day that three of the Souls managed to wear the same Si Mitchell tee by mistake. Kris actually almost wore the same tee too! What a boy band moment! Ha!

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