Kensington Restaurant and Bethnal Green with Vova Zomb

I was asked by a Kensington Restaurant (Its terrible but I cant remember their name) to head over and paint their stairwell wall. Some clients are a bit quiet and vague and just want you to do your own thing so after designing all the concept work, and getting a slight grunt of acceptance, I was ready to start.

The concept art was designed around the fact that the restaurant was also a butchers. So heavy on meat based butcher images. A vegans nightmare for sure.

The client asked me to paint after hours when they were closed for business (after 11pm) and finish the job through the night. Not a major hassle as I have done several all nighters before, usually with the rest of the Lost Souls.

Not my favourite way to work as I need my beauty sleep, but who is going to turn down paid work.

As I’m always up early in the morning it makes sense to me to just head into London and paint a wall through the day, before painting for the client in the evening. Lost Souls did this before when we painted with Roes in the daytime, then on to the XC Skate Park with The Real Dill in the evening.

Otherwise I spend the whole day relaxed sat on the sofa at home sketching away, before having to get up and head for a train around 5-6pm ish which is when I usually start chilling out for the evening. Its a bit like doing an evening shift! Nobody likes it! Ha!

Anyway, Vova Zomb and I had been wanting to paint for a while so we decided to do that during the day. We spoke to LG (London Graffiti/ Dan) and Nelly (Monoprixx) who organised some shutters down Bethnal Green for us.

Big Shutter

Amara Por Dios, Mr Shiz, Himbad, 616 and Skeleton Cardboard also painted that day too, down the same back street, so it had a nice chilled feel with good people.

Is was good to finally get a paint in with Vlad (Vova) too. We met at Meeting of Styles, when I was painting Sclater Street with the Souls, and we vowed to find time for a paint. Now we are still planning a bigger paint in the future. Its just finding time that’s the hard part.

Vova Zomb x SP

A fun day was had by all except for Amara who got hassled for painting one of her awesome pieces on a door. The guy who owned it was getting shitty.  Apparently he preferred the tags to the amazing piece of art from Amara. In the end he saw sense and realised what an awesome gift she had given him….. Plus he realised her art is worth some money.

Amara Por Dios

After the paint, we popped in LG’s local pub, a proper East End old school pub with a cat sat on the juke box and a man who came around selling cartons of ready to eat fish and prawns. (Love it. I’m in next time)

Juke Box Cat

People started to disperse and head home so I made my way down to Brick lane to finally try a proper Brick Lane curry!

Had to check out Saffron as its the curry house with the street art yard behind it. Amazing madras, side, rice and beer for a tenner! Bargain.

I minced my way around London trying to pass time, wondering through all the back streets where Jack the Ripper used to murder his victims before heading to Kensington and sitting in a coffee shop until 11, when I could finally head over to the restaurant and start work.


It was funny! Usually when I turn up top paint a wall for a client they are really excited and interested, plus you interact with the person who hired you. I’m still not entirely sure who hired me for this one. I assume it was the manger who I spoke to on arrival, although he really didn’t seem to care that much.

The wall was a stairwell, which I assumed was the one inside the restaurant for the public to see, but no. It was in the back staircase that the barrels got flung down and was only to be seen by the public if there was an emergency. What do I care. As long as they are paying, it doesn’t really matter.

He turned on the lights for the dark stairwell and straight away one blew, to which he grunted ‘No light’. For the whole evening I painted in the dark with one light at the bottom of the stairs allowing a small flicker of light. Ha!

I never understand why taggers want to hit streets at night. I hate not being able to see which colour spray paint I’m picking up. Ha!

Anyway! I shouldn’t moan, although I hate not being able to get a good photo of a finished piece. I would have asked the manager to send me a photo but he was pretty disinterested and I just wanted to get out of there with my cash.

I think I finally left the venue around five and headed for the first coach back to Bristol, extremely tired.


Several weeks later though……. The Real Dill and TonyBoy added to the piece Vova Zomb and I did. Cool!

Vova Zomb x SP x The Real Dill x Tony Boy 1

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