January 2016

The New Year started well. I was straight back to work with lots of walls to paint in January.

My first wall was painted in Gloucester, alongside ‘Hype Street Art’ for ‘Merbro’ Welding on the 5th and 6th.


It was a fun wall to do, as the only input they gave me was they wanted a woman on there, other than that they left me to do what I wanted. It seemed like a fun idea to go with a design which featured a strong female character showing the guys how its done.

Additional Photos from Shaun Brittain.

DSC_2410_Keith_Pose DSC01457_edit IMG_2191 IMG_2220 IMG_2222 IMG_2223


I got a visit from fellow Lost Souls, Si Mitchell, early in the year too who decided to swing by Bristol.

It was the beginning of a crazy few days of paint as we headed out and painted a Mad Max themed wall in St Werburghs tunnel,


two days later I was painting at a mini unofficial paint jam down Dean Lane skate park with Paul Monsters, Flava36, Czee13, Bunny Boiler, and Hypes Nami, who suggested the random brief of Pandas and Bees.

Its always good to have random briefs though. Keeps you on your toes. and Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to add this guy.

….. and the day after I went solo and hit The Farm pub in St Werburghs.


The week of the 18th Lost Souls headed to Paris for a few days to paint,

We met with local Writers ENCS and CHEK to paint a central spot, the Place de la Republique, which just so happened to be right next to the Bataclan nightclub, one of the scenes of the terror attacks in Paris, on November 13th 2015.

The Place de la Rebublique’s monument of Marianne was surrounded by flowers and messages in support of the victims.


This can be seen in the background of some of our photos.


It was great to paint with some Writers for a change. Lost Souls are very character based and its great to shake things up a bit. If we had known where we were painting, or who was around before our trip, I think we may have created a piece which blended the styles better or chosen a colour scheme, although I think it works great anyway.


Back in Bristol for the weekend and yet another paint with yet another Writer, this time on Gloucester Road alongside Mr Wigz. Always good to hag out with known who  have known for over 10 years now.


In between all the paint missions I had to complete a canvas commission for a client in Paris,


design a character for the ‘Cardiff Beat Box Battles’,


… and I even got a stash of Smash and Grab trading cards from Parksy, which feaure loads of artists, from all different genres and ages including contemporary street artists, and it even included me, SPZero76, on one card. What an honour!!! Thanks loads Dude!


I feel like I’ve made it! Ha!

And finally, My tee was released with ‘FourThreeSix’ at the end of January!

‘FourThreeSix’ is a new project aiming to connect different facets of underground contemporary culture.

They got me to design this tee based on the EP by Hostage, which it was released in a bundle with. It is also inspired by 90s Rave… but I reckon you can see that! Ha!

“We’re firm in our belief that the art which accompanies a release is as important a part of the creative process as the music itself. Together the two elements should create an immersive, holistic experience. For it’s fourth release four three six asked internationally renowned Scottish techno producer Hostage to make a four track EP.  The resulting work was the Fluxx EP, four tracks firmly inspired by 1990s rave culture and hardcore techno.”

Its available here!



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