Halloween London Dash. 2 Days 3 Walls. October 21st and 22nd 2014.

At the end of October I needed a London paint fix. I knew the rest of the Lost Souls were busy but I decided to leave Bristol and head into London on my own for two days, and see who was a round for a paint and how many walls I could hit. The answer is three!!

Wall 1. Leake Street Solo Paint.

I hassled everyone I knew for legal London walls but had heard nothing by the time I reached London, so I headed to Leake Street to paint the ‘anything goes’ legal paint tunnel below Waterloo Station.

The Infamous Leake Street

As usual there were some awesome pieces down in the tunnel including this piece by the amazing Parlee.

Parlee in Leake Street

with Halloween on the horizon I was fixed on painting a wall with this theme and had designed several concept ideas to choose from although the Pumpkin Carving idea seemed the most fun and most likely to look cool as a solo piece.

Halloween Pumpkin Slayer small Jason Halloween small


Wall 2. Leonard Street Solo Paint thanks to Global Street Art and #wallsproject.

Before I had even managed to finish this wall I received a call from Lee at Global Street Art who had managed to source me a small but amazing spot opposite Pure Evil gallery on Leonard Street in Shoreditch.

As soon as I had managed to finish the Leake Street wall I headed over to Shoreditch to start on wall 2, although as winter was closing in and so were the nights I didn’t get too far on with painting the wall before it started raining and I called it a night.

The next morning I headed straight back down to continue and after fulfilling my need to paint something seasonal with my Halloween greeting it was time to go with a different theme.

Its a Fair Cop Guv small

As usual with hoardings and walls around the Shoreditch area, they were filled with my favourite artists work. Leonard Street alone had walls by Amara Por Dios, Faith47, Vova Zomb, Pure Evil and Mr Cenz (who was promoting his solo exhibiton at Pure Evil Gallery).

The spot I was painting was right next to an old Pez character who I chose on the wall as, I’m a massive Pez fan and, it fit in quite well with my Skull faced four armed street artist I painted.

This wall was untouched the last time I walked past it four months later at the end of February 2015. Might even still be there for all I know.


Wall 3. Braithwaite Street with Jim Vision thanks to End of the Line and Rockwell House.

Another one of my favourite spray paint artists, Jim Vision from End of the Line, had seen a post I put on Facebook looking for walls to paint in London and he gave me a shout to see if I fancied hitting a wall on Braithwaite Street, under Shoreditch High Street station.

Jim, alongside fellow End of the Line Crew members Matilda and Tamara, had painted loads of hoardings and walls down the street featuring zombies. The walls were partly created in anticipation of the new series of The Walking Dead and partly to promote the new zombie inspired comic ‘OverRun’ and its London Preview Edition launch. http://www.weareoverrun.com/

They were also zombie inspired ready for the witching season of Halloween, to promote the Rockwell House Halloween Party, because Jim loves Zombies and because Zombies rock. This was perfect for me, as one of my Halloween concept sketches was a self portrait of me being attacked by Shoreditch Trendy Zombies.

SP X Zombies small

Jim popped down to bring some emulsion as I was down to the dregs of all the cans I had brought for the two day binge, and after a bit of convincing I managed to get him to join me on the wall and make it a collaboration. The Shoreditch Trendy Zombies were out and Jim Vision zombies were in. Result!!!

The finished piece was pretty cool, if I do say so myself and it was an honour to get to paint with such a big player in the scene.

As usual this street was filled with amazing art from plenty of other artists too including 2Rise, David De Brito, Art Is Trash and Nathan Bowen.

The two days had been a success. 3 walls, 2 alongside such amazing artists as Jim Vision and Pez. And a chance to walk around the ever changing canvas London has to offer.

I returned to Bristol happy.

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