Gloucester Paint Jam

Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 Aug saw the City of Gloucester come alive with fresh art for the first ever Gloucester Paint Jam. 

Over 40 artists from all over the World were invited to celebrate Gloucester’s street art scene with walls across the city! Plus street dance battles and workshops at the Guildhall & city centre.

Lost Souls were given the chance to showcase our work to the max, with a massive wall and an 8ftx 8ft Cube to paint.

Day 1 was a little rained out but lots of fun despite our hang overs, and loads of the artists went on to have a few beers in the evening after an awesome firework show. Great day and a fun evening

When we were searching for a theme for our wall, Squirl found an article online about how the Police in Gloucester had been called out on 999 calls for several silly reasons including Witches, Witchcraft and even Werewolves. It was the perfect theme. Police arresting Werewolves. We then expanded on this theme and went for a three little pigs arresting the big bad wolves, which in turn became a full Pig & Werewolf theme (sounds like a pub). The pigs tied in with Gloucester’s famous Old Spot pigs too, which just happen to be my Wives favourite sausages. Yum!

We just wanted to create a fun wall with crazy characters throughout.

On day 2 we managed to finish our first wall and the Cube just in time for my train. The Cube had an ice cream theme running through it, as a local ice cream business requested it, but I am a big fan of painting ice cream anyway! Drips and cool colours galore so this was one request we could definitely work with.

We are already looking forward to next years event.

Although if I had to have one issue, apparently after the event happened one Councillor had a problem with Saki&Bitches piece claiming it was too sexual and the work was covered from public view. The image featured one of her scantily clad iconic women on her hands and knees as a dog pulled at her knickers from behind. It was very cool but quite tame for Saki and there wasn’t a nipple in sight. In fact the image was reminiscent of the cheeky old English seaside postcards or the infamous Carry On movies. Harmless fun, but in this modern day PC driven world it apparently only takes one person to be offended and complain. Personally I think they need to lighten up a bit. Ha.

Other artists invited to paint included 1Stop
616, Alts, Andy Council, Annatomix, Artista*, Blouh…, Brian Abstractions, Bunts, Caleigh Ill, Dice 67, Flava, Freakstatic, Georgie Georgie, Hannah Adamaszek, Hoshiko, Indy Skyz, J52O, John Doh, Jtak, Kef, Korp, Lokey, M-One, My Name is Leila, Pekoe, Saki & Bitches, Samo, Setdebelleza, Shab, Skeleton Cardboard, TankPetrol, Trix, Vanessa Longchamp & Zabou.

The festival took place in various parts of the city including: Kings Square, H20 (Eastgate Street), The Prince of Wales (Station Road) and some other surprise locations.

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