On the 12th and 13th December I was asked to head to Flavalanche on Park Street, Bristol, and paint one of their walls.

Flavalanche Characters

Flavalanche has their own fun, pastel coloured, characters and style created by Pete, a designer who owns the business. He wanted me to add my twist on his characters and put them on the wall.


It was fun to create a wall based on someone else’s characters and designs. I totally had to change my usual colour schemes and use light outlines on my characters, for a change. Pete also wanted to keep the shop open as I painted so I used a mixture of emulsion and Posca pens instead of Spray Paint.

It was the first time Caz and I had tried frozen yoghurt, and we are now converts!

Go there and try one!

In the Dark

Flavalanche is a delicious natural and fat free frozen yogurt. Made using fresh non-fat probiotic yogurt and skimmed milk, it’s fat free and low calorie. It’s high in calcium and protein and with fruit toppings is part of your 5 a day. Our ingredients are pure and natural.

Reasons to Flavalanche:
Fat Free
Gluten Free
High in Protein and Calcium
Low Calorie
High in Live Probiotic Cultures
Low Glycemic Index (GI)
Suitable for Vegetarians
Merry Christmas

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