I was asked to get involved in an online campaign to get guys to check their testicles on a regular basis, by Check One Two, in May alongside loads of awesome artists, celebrities and even the public.

I was asked to create something that will get people talking and simply upload it to my social media pages with the phrase ‘I’m #Feelingnuts’.

You can all get involved at http://www.checkonetwo.co.uk/

Feeling Nuts square insta

About Check One Two

Check One Two was founded in 2012 by brothers Simon and Andrew Salter, who discovered that men are still dying from one of the most preventable forms of cancer.

If you catch testicular cancer early it’s 100% curable, however, being blokes we are all a bit too laid back to keep a check on our love grenades…

So, Simon and Andrew started Check One Two, a movement dedicated to changing the behavior of a generation of men by reaching two goals:

1. Spread awareness far and wide of #feelingnuts in funny, grabbing and pant dropping ways

2. And educate men and the women in their lives about how to check your nuts

That’s where you come in…by joining our social movement through simply sharing and tagging your tweets, vine videos, instagram pics, facebook updates, youtube uploads with #feelingnuts your be helping spread our message to millions of people and get everyone checking their knackers!

And best of all become a top campaigner who spreads this life saving message and be part of loads of live moments as the movement grows.

So are you #feelingnuts?


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