February 2016

For the first week of February I found myself sketching.

Sketching concept work for future projects and random silliness for myself.

Below are a few illustrations for me. Designed and created for no reason but fun!!


The concept art was for ‘FlyUp 417 Project’ the brand new ‘biggest privately owned mountain bike facility in the country’.

They were looking for art for one wall in one of their two riding barns.

The design was a fun one. ‘A Brief History of the Bicycle’, and although I could have gone on forever with bike designs, there was only really enough room for five bikes on the wall.

I decided to go with the Caveman’s creation of the Wheel, the Draisine, the classic Penny Farthing, the iconic Chopper, and eventually the evolved Downhill Mountain Bike.

The Print is now available in my shop on my web site.

It is a 59.4x 21cm signed and numbered giclee print and limited to only 10.

It only £45 and £5 postage (Anywhere in The World).



Then in week two of February, I got to paint the wall…although the ramps hadn’t been installed yet and I haven’t been able to source any photos with the installed ramps since.

You will have to use your imagination for now. Ha!


Straight after finishing the wall at ‘FlyUp 417’ I raced into the centre of Gloucester to do a friend a favour.

Hype Street Art had a paint jam over the previous weekend, and I unfortunately couldn’t make it but it was one of the artists (Bunts) sons Birthday, and he asked if I could add a character next to his name he had painted.

So both myself and Flava36 panted characters at either side, hopefully making Robbie’s day! Ha!


With Hype Street Art in mind I next went on to create the art work for the upcoming (not until July) paint jam in Gloucester.

The image features one of my characters, the Raccoon, walking through Gloucester and literally panting the town…. all different colours.

Full line ups, sponsors and more were still to be confirmed though.


I painted several walls at the end of February, including one solo wall in Shoreditch, a mini unofficial paint jam in Gloucester and a second unofficial paint jam at MyDogSighs studio, in Portsmouth.


I painted an Angry Donut in Shoreditch, right next to an amazing Pez piece, thanks to Global Street Art.

The Donut was getting chased down by an armed NY cop.

Not sure if he was trying to arrest the donut, or eat the donut.

Luckily the donut wasn’t black otherwise the American cop probably would have shot him for no reason!!!! #blacklivesmatter


At the mini paint jam in Gloucester, alongside Hype Street Art, we had the idea to have a bunch of characters eating at one long table.

I painted a random Luchador character eating pizza alongside Paul Monsters, Czee13, Bunny Boiler, The Addicted Doodler, Nami, Serp and Jimmer Willmott.

Additional photos from Jason Watkins! Thanks dude!


At MyDogSighs studio I painted My Dog Riding an AT-AT (from Star Wars).

The wall turned out great but the hallway was so thin that I struggled to get a good photo.

It was great fun to hang out with a bunch of awesome artists including MyDog, Snub23, the Id-iom boys,M-One, Miss Wah, Czee13, Samo White, Korp, Midge, Felix Rau and Jamie Mimic Stubbs.



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