Edwin Store and Blackall Street with the Lost Souls

November 4th saw me return to the Big Smoke. This time to hook up with my Lost Souls brothers and paint the Shoreditch Edwin store thanks to Sara at Sclater Street Stalls.

The Edwin store had to be painted in the evening, after the shop was closed. The Captain was also busy in the day, stuck in an office but Squirl, Si and myself decided to meet up in the day time and get an extra paint in.

Lee at Global Street Art sourced us a wall on Blackall Street, also in Shoreditch.

The three of us didn’t really have a design together and we all just free wheeled it.

The day was a bit of a nightmare with the building site behind the wall we were painting getting a burst gas pipe, especially as Si was smoking when we noticed it. Ha!

The three of us had raced to get into London as early as possible to create an awesome wall, but we ended up being evacuated and were sitting in the pub for a few hours. Ha! Sounds terrible.

Once we got permission to head back to the wall we only had a few hours to create something awesome and although the full piece didn’t really flow, it was great to paint with the guys.

It wasn’t late when we finished but the nights sure do get dark as winter closes in. By the time we finished I couldn’t really see which spray can was which colour.

On to the Edwin store where we were joined by Captain Kris, who was recently freed from his incarceration in an office.

Our only brief for painting the changing rooms was to make the art Jeans based.

Edwin are very proud of their denim and rightly so. They are the best pair of jeans I have ever owned, and the most expensive at £140 a pair.

Photos by Monoprixx.

We were also invited to exhibit some art on the walls of the store so I painted a series of recycled 94 boxes, below, and framed them up. They are currently still available in the Edwin store now.


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