Doncopolitan Magazine Issue 3

It felt really good to be asked to do some art for issue 3 of the Doncopolitan, my home towns new magazine.

I left Doncaster at the age of 20 to go to University in Bristol, way back in 1996, where I have mostly lived since then (with a brief time in Manchester and Australia).

I was a bit of a young dumb kid when I left Doncaster, and focused more on drinking and partying than pursuing my art career so it felt good that Doncopolitan magazine recognised that I had now accomplished something worth inviting me back for. Ha!


There are many of my pieces dotted around the issue, including the front and back cover.

I also illustrated a centrefold double page poster for the magazine.

Paint the Town Red small

Issue 3 of the magazine was the Gay Pride issue and was all about how people of all different sexual orientation should come together to bring the diversity required in a multicultural modern city.


This was awesome to do as  I could use some of the iconic buildings from my youth that I had grown up with, and illustrate them in a fun way.

The shop below the clock tower has been a jewellers as far back as I remember and was also the place my amazing Grandparents bought a clock back in the 70’s, which lived on the wall in their living room from before I was born. The same clock now lives in my living room.


Doncaster is starting to become a diverse modern town in every way, now that they have a large population of people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. I thought the best way to recognise this was to show how people accepting each others differences can brighten up any town.

So I decided to illustrate a bunch of fun characters literally painting the town red.


This might have included a subtle hint and maybe one day I will get invited back to Doncaster to actually paint the town red… amongst other colours.

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