Dean Lane with a German Film Crew

Upfest were approached by a German film crew, who were doing a youth based TV show about Bristol and how cool the city is. They spoke to Steve from Upfest, the Mayor and took in some of the best sights the city has to offer, including the docks, the Museum and Banksys, Park Street and of course the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

On the 2nd July I was asked by Upfest to get involved, as the film crew needed an artist to speak to and film them while they painted a piece down Dean Lane skate park. I said yes as it felt like a while since I had painted and I needed a fix. Ha!

The TV crew filmed one scene where Steve had to walk up to me say Hi and shake my hand then the camera turned on me! Ha! I am the shitest person to film! Anyway, I explained my work, showed the crew the Old Market Quarter Subway Gallery, and answered a few questions.

I was asked about the history of street art in Bristol, which to my shame Im not too sure about! I know as far back as ’96 when I moved to Bristol, and the walls of Fire event although recently I have heard some of the tales from the past, including the Police crack down in the late 80’s. I never was very good at Art History. Ha.

As usual, every street artist is always asked about Banksy in an interview, especially one about Bristol. I was asked to give my opinion which remains the same.

“I think he is a great artist and wish people would focus more on his art than the cash they can get for it. Also I’m more interested in his actual painting than his stencils. Some of it amazing.”

Anyway. I painted a piece called Bad Dog which features a dog chasing the two birds (from the piece I did at Download) and losing his head.

I’m still not sure what channel it was for or when its on TV! Ha!

Photo featuring me by Sara Dallimore at Unearthed.

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