Cretins First Paint of 2014.

On the 27th March I managed to get a couple of member of Cretin to join me for their first paint of 2014.

Loch Ness and I mocked up a rough idea of what to paint down Dean Lane and luckily Paul Monsters decided he wanted to do the writing.

The three of us created a bunch of characters painting the word Cretin on a wall. I wanted to create a character called Shit Tags who loves painting his name over other peoples work and this wall features his first appearance. Expect to see more of him.

It was a good day but about ten minutes before we finished it hammered it down with rain and we had to make a run to the pub! I was gutted as we were so close to finishing the piece (I did have a mini sulk. Ha! I hate the rain when you are trying to paint) and I assumed it was going to continue raining heavily for the rest of the evening. Luckily after one beer the rain had died down and I was able to finish my character, although the decent photos of this piece were taken the next day and supplied by Unearthed

Its nice to get a paint down at Dean Lane every once in a while. The work doesn’t last very long on those walls but its where we started and its laid back!

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