Cretin ‘Apocalypse’ Exhibition at ‘Its All 2 Much’ Gallery

4 of the Cretin collective guys got together to exhibit at Its All 2 Much gallery once again at the end of April.

Loch Ness, Paul Monsters, Dom W and SPZero76 got together to bring you ‘Apocalypse’.

Last year it was an expedition to an imaginary land, this time they present a series of apocalyptic artworks inspired by doomsday theories and prophecies in their exhibition aptly entitled “Doomsday”, running from April 25th to May 25th.

As they say themselves…

“The waters are rising. The deserts are burning. The sky is falling. The Earth is breaking. The animals and plants are dying. We are dying. Humanity is doomed. The End is Nigh.”

…so better get yourselves down to It’s All 2 Much Art Gallery between April 25th and May 25th – before it’s too late.”

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