Raccoon Paint Comes To Town small

February 2016

For the first week of February I found myself sketching. Sketching concept work for future projects and random silliness for myself. Below are a few illustrations for me. Designed and created for no reason but fun!!   The concept art was for ‘FlyUp 417 Project’ the brand new ‘biggest privately owned mountain bike facility in the country’.…


January 2016

The New Year started well. I was straight back to work with lots of walls to paint in January. My first wall was painted in Gloucester, alongside ‘Hype Street Art’ for ‘Merbro’ Welding on the 5th and 6th.   It was a fun wall to do, as the only input they gave me was they wanted a woman on…

Piggin Fast Snob Mob small

SnobMob x SPZero76 Tees

In November the two t-shirts I had worked on alongside SobMob were released. Both tees were back prints, which is great for when I’m painting walls with my back to the crowds. The first was the Piggin Fast tee, my favourite. http://www.snob-mob.com/product/snobmob-x-spzero-piggy-t-shirt   And the second was the Samurai tee. http://www.snob-mob.com/product/snobmob-x-spzero-samurai-t-shirt   About Snob Mob…

Roadkill The Wolverine print small

New SPZero76 Print!

Mid October saw the release of a brand new signed and numbered SPZero76 A3 giclee print. Road Kill: Wolverine has a limited run of 10 prints and fits nicely with the two Road Kill prints previously released. Still a few of each print left! Buy them from my web site store NOW!!!!!

Concrete Canvas Cover

New ‘Concrete Canvas’ Book Release Featuring Lost Souls.

Lee Bofkin and Global Street Art released their first book ‘Concrete Canvas’ at the start of October, alongside Octopus publishing. Concrete Canvas is jam packed with awesome photos and art from new and exciting artists, as well as established names, including Ron English, Phlegm, Invader and loads more. It features individual sections dedicated to street art around the World…


Lost Souls in LDN Graffiti and Street Art Book

Lost Souls were lucky enough to be featured in an awesome new book called ‘London Graffiti and Street Art: Unique artwork from London’s streets’ written by LDN Street Art snapper Joe Epstein. We managed to get a double page spread featuring one of our walls we painted on November 15th 2013 on Grimsby Street, just off Brick Lane,…