Captain Kris, SPZero76, Mr Wigz and Miss Wah paint Stokes Croft

On the 31st May 2014, Captain Kris’ last day in Bristol, we headed out to Stokes Croft to paint up the Training Wall alongside Mr Wigz. That way Kris had hit Bedminster for the Upfest wall, the Cubanisto launch and Stokes Croft in the three days he had been in Bristol, all being photographed by Brain MacElvaine for his new book.

I got a message from Miss Wah saying she was heading to Bristol with her housemate Jo, to have a look around at new wall art and do some shopping, and where did I recommend going. I convinced her to come and join us and drop a character in as we had never painted with each other before.

I couldn’t resist painting my Gorilla Guerrilla Graffiti. I made it look like he was painting Mr Wigz writing, with Shit Tags the emerald monkey tagging over it. Art reflects life!!! The Cap created a Gorilla to hit the other side of Mr Wigz piece too, to centre the writing.

When Miss Wah joined us I couldn’t resist dropping in one more character to tie it all together. A Candy Rock Skull!


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