Captain Kris’ Birthday Paint Jam with Global Street Art

Saturday 10th May was Captain Kris’ 29th Birthday and we celebrated with style.

Global Street Art sourced us the massive wall in Sclater Street Car Park, in Shoreditch, under the Borondo piece and loads of artists rocked up to paint together.

It was a great atmosphere with no attitudes or egos. Just a bunch of artists who wanted to paint together despite the rain.

I think the rum helped! Ha!

Artists involved included

Captain Kris, Squirl, Si Mitchell and SPZero76, alongside The Real Dill, Fanakapan, Jeba, Saki&Bitches, Obit, Himbad, Blair Zaye, 616, UbangiBangi, TonyBoy, Airborne Mark, Whoam Irony, Horror Crew, Lilly Lou, Scuba and more….. Great bunch of people.

Unfortunately I had to bail early and missed the after party chaos at Far Rockaway. Boo!

Cant wait for another.

Here’s a video to check out too!!!

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