Camden Paint with the Lost Souls.

Ross Beasley Photo

The Real Art of Street Art sourced us Lost Souls guys a cool wall to paint in Camden on the 15th and 16th December.

We were unfortunately left a man down on the day though, as Kris had been booked to work on design projects in offices throughout December. The rest of us don’t get any work though so had loads of free time. Ha! (Plus Kris did eventually get a chance to add to the wall a few weeks later though, which was great).

Captain Kris Tribute

This wall is one of my favourite Lost Souls walls to date.

On the days that I was painting, with Squirl and Si, we had our own bodyguards making sure we didn’t get harassed…. Ha! We wish. They were actually filming the new Bond movie on Camden Lock and the security guys were actually there to guard the empty parking spots until the movie set lorries needed to park up for the night.

It was an awesome couple of days hanging out with Chay and Monoprixx, and we did get to have the Lost Souls Christmas party in one of Amy Winehouse’s favourite boozers, literally around the corner from where we  painted, alongside the elusive Cap and the super cool Himbad.

As far as a theme was concerned we all decided to have our characters riding something and facing in the same direction. Ha! That was our brief to each other.

The Wall Design

As we painted the piece though, the theme expanded (as it usually does) and it became more of a piece about social media, in particular Instagram as their camera logo was hanging from Squirl’s gnar whales horn. Love heart likes were emitted from there and featured throughout the piece, and it had a great flow.




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