C.A.M.D.E.N Mini Paint Jam

On November 15th Sara and Manny) at Sclater Street Stalls was asked to get another bunch of artists back to Camden Stables Market. The Halloween event was such a success and they felt we ‘Street Artists’ could do more.

Sara gathered Lilly Lou, Mr Shiz and me (SPZero76) back and added more awesome artists including fellow Lost Soul Squirl, Jeba and Zina.

Stables Market

We were each supplied one 8×4 wood panel and asked to create the 6 letters of CAMDEN in our own styles. The boards were placed down one of the open air walk ways in the centre of the Stables Market, right next to the Amy Winehouse statue.

I was given he letter ‘N’ and I decided to use a mixture of different medium including my usual 94 spray paint and Posca pens. The boards were almost canvas size so it seemed obvious to work with mixed media rather then just spray paint.

I decided to paint the street justice piece I had sketched days before, but the characters were running up stairs on the slope of the ‘N’.

This event took place on the same day as London street artist Ben Naz’ funeral so I markd my respect by tattooing his name on my Skull faced characters hand. RIP Ben.

My N

Camden is a great place and it was an awesome day to hang out in the centre of he market with a bunch of great artists, charting to the shoppers and stall holders alike.

I’m loving these events as it is a great opportunity to work with other artists who’s work I admire. As an artist who loves collaborating on projects, time and work are the factors that get in the way of working with others.

I had already worked with Mr Shiz before Halloween’s pumpkin carving and Ive obviously worked with Squirl for years. I painted the same wall as Jeba and Lily Lou for Captain Kris’ Birthday Jam, which saw around 30 artists working together, although with so many people gathered in one space it was hard to chat properly.


That’s why these events have been great for me. As well as all being great artists Lilly Lou is so much fun to work with and Jeba is an awesome guy, plus I finaly got to meet Zina. She is another cool artist with a totally different style of working to mine.

Love it. Very cool.

Lets Call It a Night

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