Bijou Circus

Over the summer, fellow Lost Souls member, Squirl and I were approached by Bijou Circus to design a series of images for banners for their new production Source.

They were interested in using the full Lost Souls crew after Squirl and I suggested it, but they were worried that our art wouldn’t blend so well with 4 artists.

Ha! They obviously haven’t seen much of our work.


The banners were designed to tell the back story for the play and were to be placed around the entrance.

The back story started back in London in 1858 when

“The poor are poisoned by dirty water and nobody cares.”

The Poor Are Poisoned

Banner 2 showed Politicians in Parliament who are finally being affected by the Great Stink.

The Great Stink

The story continued on banner 3 as a man named

“Bazalgette Revolutionizes London’s Sewers, Helping to Eradicate Cholera, Saving Lives.”


Flash Forward!!! (and we drop the sepia.)

“Population Explosion in 2014- RiversĀ & sewers burst and the past floods onto our doorsteps.”

Population Explosion

Banners 5 and 6 were designed specifically for each venue, and each venue had their own Hero, as well as different dates of the performances, etc.

It will makes sense when you see them below! Ha!

Banners 5

There were also 6 separate ‘Banner 6’ banners for each venue too, but Im gonna just show you one! Ha!

You get the idea.

Banner 6

Unfortunately neither Greg (Squirl) or I have had a chance to visit any of the performances and get photos of the entrances,

and so far I have only received a few pics of the banners but I’ve attached them so you can get an idea of the scale.

It was a fun project though and am really pleased with the results.

Its always nice to work with any of my fellow Lost Souls.

This one was interesting to see the totally different ways that myself and Squirl work on Photoshop and combine them.




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