SPZero76 is an illustrator and street artist based in Bristol and London, UK.

Some of his recent clients include Lamborghini, Samsung, The BBC, Cubanisto, Posca, Rip Curl, Red Bull, Mambo, Boulogne Council, Imperial Tobacco and Peavey.

He has a varied portfolio, which includes magazine art, wall art, album covers, flyers, computer game art, corporate illustration, children’s trading cards and t-shirt designs.

SPZero76 also produce live art for businesses, festivals and club nights and he has been involved in many successful exhibitions at galleries throughout Europe.

He is part of the Lost Souls street art collective with Squirl, Captain Kris and Si Mitchell and was the creator of the very popular Collaberation Nation which grew into a project featuring almost a hundred international artists.

His art has also been featured in a number of publications including Color Ink Book, Digital Artist and Fiasco Magazine as well as several books including Concrete Canvas, LDN Street Art and two self titled books: ‘SPZero76 2008-2012’ and ‘SPZero76. The Haters Strike Back 2013-2014’ printed by Infzone.


SPZero76 Book 2. The Haters Strike Back. Art from 2013-14.

SPZero76 Book 2 Cover 1 small

44 Page full colour book filled with some of my art from 2013-14 and a wrap around cover.

First 50 will be signed and numbered with any inscription you want.

Limited number of 150.

Sale Price £8 and £3 postage (Anywhere in The World).

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